Week 1: Follow Your Dreams

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    Marblehead, MA USA

    Against conventional wisdom, Herbert “Blondie” Hasler, believed he could sail single-handed across the North Atlantic, from England to America. Thanks to his perseverance and invention of self-steering gear for yachts, he made his dream a reality in 1960, opening the way for solo ocean racing.

    Successful people are often driven by lofty dreams. Is there someone you admire, who made a dream a reality? What characteristics did this person have that helped achieve the goal?


    Boston, MA

    As a kid, one of my heroes was Thomas Edison. I know…that’s pretty nerdy, but when I think about why he was a hero to me, I realize that he had a vision and created something that changed the world — the electric light bulb. Edison used his intelligence and his vision and pursued his work to create the light bulb. We take it for granted that when we flick a switch the light comes on in our homes, schools and offices. But imagine what Edison went through to make the light bulb a reality. His first experiment certainly did not work, nor did his second. But after years of work he was able to produce a bulb that performed according to his vision.

    This is how I envision Rich’s work not just for his voyage around the world, but for the years of work that he has put in to make his education program a reality. Working to reach millions of people all over the globe with his education program and website is not an easy thing. But he has succeeded. Now comes the rest of the work — sailing around the world, solo, non-stop.

    Rich’s full dream has become a reality, and sometime in early 2017 he will achieve his full vision of Ocean Challenge Live!

    Who are your heroes?

    ~ Neal, sitesALIVE! Education Program Team Member


    Pinon Hills, CA

    Everyone I have known who is successful, has failed along the way at some point. We learn by TRYING. Sometimes we make it the first try; however, most of the time we don’t. What differentiates a successful person from one who isn’t, is tenacity. I have many heroes and they vary in their walks of life. For the purposes of this class, I will certainly say that Rich Wilson is one of the people I most admire. He has never given up, he has other interests and purposes at heart, and that is why he is successful. He has a mission and the focus of that mission is not himself. His Vendee Globe adventure benefits his students and is global! That is just amazing to me. And unselfish.

    Consider this though…Mr. Wilson is doing this for his students…but if he doesn’t put himself first, he will fail and not make it back to port. This just shows us that in order to be successful, we do need to put ourselves first. There can be other motivations but they won’t matter if we don’t make it back to port. I would encourage everyone to read Mr. Wilson’s book. It is fascinating and shows that mental strength can exceed physical capability. That is important for us all to understand. We can do anything we set our minds to. Anything. Look at Mr. Wilson….do you think his advanced age has prevented him from participating in something that primarily only young people do? HECK NO! Our minds have NO AGE. Blessings to Mr. Wilson and to all the amazing students that are following his journey around the globe!



    “Successful people are often driven by lofty dreams”. It’s really true. Dreams are the base of our success. If we can dream it we can do it! Dreams have no end. There are many personalities whom I admire but the best of them are our army men who remain active on borders to safeguard their nation. Without thinking of themselves and their families, once they just take pledge and promise themselves to save their country, they can go to any extent to prove that. They train themselves to be perfect irrespective of the season. They even work in the extreme temperatures. When everybody is sleeping with relief, they stay awake and protect the common people. They are the best protectors!



    Yes, I admire a person very heartily who is none other than my country’s prime minister that is Mr. Narendra Modi. If I tell about his real life story. Everyone will surely admire him. I admire him because he has really done a great job in his life. When he was young he used to serve tea at his father’s tea stall in Vadnagar railway station, gujarat (state in India). This background was mocked up by certain people. But now he has proven metal. People now see him as a ray of hope and development oriented leader.

    I personally admire him because of his way of giving speeches also. By his great hard work, determination to serve the nation and love towards the country has made him the respected prime minister.

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