Week 2: Marine Transportation

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    Many everyday objects, including food, games, electronics, toys, clothing, and furniture are imported from other countries. Some of these products reach our homes through major ports, brought by huge cargo ships; others arrive by truck, train and plane.

    Find a container of food or a piece of clothing at home that was produced in another country. Locate this country on a map. How do you think this item was transported to your country? Is that type of transportation well suited for that product? What alternatives, if any, might be better?


    Pinon Hills, CA

    It seems like many items come to the United States from Asia since we can either look at the bar code and decipher the country or origin, or it might be labeled “Made in China”. From what I know the only practical way to transport items from so far away is to do so via a container ship. Planes are not big enough unless the items are small and so valuable that shipping over the ocean isn’t the most practical way. What I don’t know is what criteria would be used to make a decision for how items should be transported. Here in the United States, items crisscross the nation via rail and truck (and shipping containers on railroad cars). I can ship an item to the East Coast from the West Coast using Federal Express…it will go from a truck to a cargo plane to a truck to a warehouse to a truck to the destination! What an interesting discussion!



    China has been the major exporter of Asia in all departments but the usage of China made products has drastically fallen due to the recent Boycott China Act in India. The Gaming Industry is dominated by US based manufacturers like Microsoft. Textile Industry is run by wide spread import from almost every industrial continent. The products of daily use have the same case as of textile industry. The initiative of ‘Make in India’ is now getting popular and people are looking to buy products made in our Nation itself.




    We in India have provided refuge to those who have asked for it. This act of kindness has contributed to India’s culture and traditions. We export to and import from many countries around the world. Hence, nearly any country you can name has contributed something to India. Tibetan Refugees have contributed traditional food recipes, including sauces ranging from sweet to hot, sour to spicy. Germany plays an important role in our automobile industry; the United Nations in our Information Technology Department; and Afghanistan in the dry fruit trade.

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