Week 4: Environment, Water

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    Water is a resource that we often take for granted, only appreciating its importance after it’s polluted. Great American IV has a limited water storage capacity, but Rich still must use some water each day. He makes fresh water from sea water through a process called desalination.

    How much water do you and your family use each day? When do you use water? (Remember hidden uses, too, such as laundry, cooking and lawn care.) Do you have ideas on ways you could conserve water?



    My family and I use approximately 70 litres water a day. Water is the fundamental need of life. It’s used in almost any and every way. We are surviving on this planet by drinking water. 70% of Earth is made of water, still it sometimes cannot be drank just because we humans have polluted it. There are many ways of conserving water, but just listing them here won’t work. We have to apply them also. Some of them are:

    1. shifting industries away from water bodies as these put most of the waste into them.
    2. checking the water pollution at regular intervals.

    We should also conserve water at our homes by using a bucket and mug to bathe; using water sprinklers to feed the plants instead of pipes; and using only a limited amount of it to bathe, wash utensils, etc. Water is everything. No water means no life.



    My family and I use about 80 liters of water daily.

    In each and every activity water is very much needed, For ex. when we bathe water is needed, When we wash water is needed, When we cook water is needed Watering our yard, bathing, brushing, etc.

    In short, from morning till night, one cannot even imagine himself without water.

    Some ways to conserve water are:-
    *Mulch around plants to hold water in the soil.
    *Install toilets that use 1.6 gallons per flush.
    *Use low flow shower head.
    *Use a broom, not a hose.
    *Take shorter showers.
    *Water your yard;very early or late to avoid evaporation.

    Water is essential for all dimensions of life. “Water, water everywhere, try to save it if you care,”

    All should promise to themselves to save water. It’s the time to take serious steps rather than just saying.

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