Week 5: Invisible Places

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    Marblehead, MA USA

    During the Vendée Globe, Rich will be away from home and family for more than 15 weeks, alone on his boat, getting little sleep and missing the comforts of home.

    Have you been away from home, friends and family for a week or more? What did you miss when you were away? How did you cope? What would you write to Rich, to offer words of encouragement?



    I missed the people around me all the time––family, friends, and home sweet home. I got an adventure and I won’t be able to venture at home. I carried books and other stuff to relax myself through, but I didn’t get time to think. Then, it all happened in a blink of an eye. I coped with loneliness by having hope––the hope that soon I will return and meet all those I miss!! I hope that Rich will cope with the same hope as I had.



    Once I went for an educational trip to according to me the second heaven. It was a 5 days trip. Such a long time without home, family and friends! It became a kind of impossible for me to manage without my family because I had never done so before. Above that, I missed them to the Moon and back. Somehow, the days were spent but the trip was really a fruitful one. I learnt how to manage myself alone which is an important aspect of life. Also, I got to indulge myself more into nature. Just like my experience, Sir your trip will also get awesome results with it. Just you have to do is to keep patience and focus on the competition and give your level best. All the best sir!



    Being away from your family and friends sounds sad, and is actually is. When I was away I used to miss all the care of my family, fun with friends, and those comfortable surroundings. To cope with all this, we just need to be happy from inside out. Keeping our thoughts positive.
    And as we all know, to gain something you have to lose something.
    I know that Rich will be able to cope with it very well.



    I have once been away from my family for three days, and that time was a very new experience for me. I had thought earlier that being alone at home was an easy and adventurous task, but I then learned that it can be a challenge. I didn’t how to cook, and at various times I was forced to get food cooked by neighbors. I missed my family and believe Rich misses his family, too. I spent my time by listening music and reading books. In the evenings I tried to go out and spend time with nature by clicking photographs and feeding the dogs. I wish Rich all the best for all the problems you may face during your cause.

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