Week 7: Climate Change

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    Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing future generations. Scientists predict that the effects of global warming caused by climate change could be huge: higher temperatures melting polar icecaps leading to rising ocean levels, displaced populations, more intense storms and droughts.

    Is climate change effecting the environment around you? How?



    Yes, climate change is effecting environment around me, not only me it’s effecting everybody adversely. Sudden change in climate is less a consequence more a cause. It’s a consequence of baseless activities performed by we humans. It can cause fatal diseases also. The senior citizens are effected the most. Global warming is one of the major problems we are facing. It makes the temperature rise high because of which polar icecaps and glaciers are melting. Global warming also marks the arrival of a huge destruction. Humans must take some preventive measures to avoid this problem.



    Yes, the climate change is effecting the environment around us. It has hit all the people.

    And we all know the reason behind all these things going on. We the humans have just destroyed the nature badly.

    It is affecting us in many ways, by longer or shorter seasons, melting of glaciers and ice sheets, health risks to humans, animal extinction, air quality and much more.
    All bad we have done to our planet, we are getting back. this is a matter of great concern, we should stop all the things that can affect us badly !!



    Yes, climate change has turned out to be a great suffering for us, and hence we need to do something about it. We Humans have disturbed the environment so much that our loving mother nature has transformed into her violent form. This violent form can be seen in the regular tsunamis, earthquakes, famines and kinds of disasters.

    We consider most of the disasters as natural, but those are talks of past, now-a-days disasters have their root cause as ecological imbalance which is caused by needs turned greed of the humans.

    The polar ice-sheets are melting, and a drastic increase in area of the deserts has been seen. Rivers are slowing down.

    Animals who were not on the endangered list are becoming endangered, and the endangered ones may be on the verge of extinction. Many have gone and definitely more will go if we don’t stop what is going on.

    So it’s all in our hands. We can’t stop what has already happened, and we can’t predict what will happen. So we have to take the action today.

    Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, and that is why it is called Present.

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