Week 8: Midpoint

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    At the midpoint in a journey, people look back and think about what they would have done differently, but also look ahead and plan how they will use what they have learned to improve their chances of success in the second part of their journey.

    What have been the major turning points in your life? Your family history? How have you or your family members learned from the past to make future decisions? Did you decide to make changes in direction or stay the course?



    There has not been much turning points in my life. As till now i have seen just a small part of my life.

    My family and I have always tried to learn from the past experiences, that are may bitter also. One should always learn from the past experiences, from the past mistakes and from the previous changes that are regretful. For doing this we have to know this very well that a good future is possible only by recognising your mistakes making note of your previous mistakes is the correct way of life, this has a benefit of making your future better.

    If I talk about myself, I always try to make note of my mistakes that i have done while studying or while attempting the exam. Not just the academics but other aspects of my life also.
    I have always tried to make changes where they are needed, rather than going the same way.




    In my life I have faced a lot of turning points.

    I remember when I was 11, and I saw a man eating food from a garbage can. That moment changed my life forever. At that time I provided that man with food, but I later decided to do something for the cause of poverty and for environmental issues. I, along with support of my teachers, started various initiatives to do a bit for the development of the community.

    Right now I am running various social activities, and I have also joined various organizations.


    Neal Skorka

    Rich is about halfway home. It’s amazing to think about it, but Rich and the other sailors in the race have been at sea for 47 days!

    Think about these questions:

    1. How do you think Rich feels being almost at the halfway point? Is he happy to be at this point?
    2. Do you think that he wants to be home already?
    3. Does he enjoy the challenges that he faces daily?
    4. What do you think? What would you ask him if you could ask him anything?

    ~ Neal, sitesALIVE! Forum Administrator

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