Week 9: Wildlife

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    While sailing, Rich most commonly sees marine species that either float on the ocean surface, like sea turtles, or jump out of the water, like flying fish or dolphins. These animals live in the “surface zone” of the ocean, which extends to the depth where sunlight reaches, usually less than 200 meters. This is where algae, the basis of the ocean food web that needs sunlight, are found.

    Have you seen any of the same kinds of wildlife that Rich has seen on this voyage? Where and when?



    Greetings Friends!
    I am very much interested in wildlife and I aim to see all the species of flora and fauna, but I know that it is impossible.
    Once I have been to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India in year 2013; there is a very famous crocodile bank where more than a 300 crocodiles, 150 snakes are found along with a huge variety of turtles and tortoises. That area is near the sea-coast hence there is abundant water for organisms and that too provides habitat to birds. But people often violate the rules and many have also lost their lives.
    so, at last I would say that
    Wildlife has beauty and charm;
    Till the time you don’t disturb they will not cause you any harm.’

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